It provides project implementation and consultancy services in the following fields in the mechanical installation disciplines of hotels, shopping malls, residences, office buildings, high-rise buildings and concept structures with special geometry and systems.

  • Individual or central domestic hot water preparation systems
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) systems
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Smoke control and pressurization systems
  • Air conditioning and humidity control systems of indoor swimming pools
    plumbing systems
  • Domestic water filtration, softening and wastewater treatment systems
  • Laundry steam systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Industrial process installations
  • Ventilation and filtration systems for sterile areas such as operating rooms, intensive care and similar


Energy Management:
Our company offers the optimum solution in line with the needs by making detailed energy analyzes on its subject.
Designing, implementing and consulting for newly constructed buildings by selecting the most suitable system for that building as a result of the analysis. Energy efficiency improvement projects, implementation and consultancy in existing structures and industrial enterprises.

Solar Energy Systems:
Project design and implementation of central and individual hot water production, distribution and storage systems
Absorption cooling
Steam and electricity generation
Photovoltaic systems

Rainwater Filtration and Storage Systems:
These are systems where the rain water collected from the drainage pipes around the building, especially the roofs, open areas such as parking lots, roads, is filtered and this rain water is used in areas such as garden irrigation etc.

Heat Recovery Systems:
These are the systems where the heat lost by being thrown into the atmosphere or another environment under standard conditions is recycled and used at low cost.
Chiller Condenser heat recovery systems (Water and air cooled Chiller)
Flue gas waste heat recovery systems (Cogeneration, Trigeneration)
Air-to-air and water-to-water heat recovery systems (Air conditioning plants, process applications)

Heat Pump Systems:
They are systems that enable the transfer of heat from any heat source to another.
Water source heat pumps (Sea water, ground water, lake, river water, cooling tower heat pumps.)
Ground source heat pumps
Air source heat pumps

Gray Water Systems:
These are systems where waste water with low pollution such as sinks and showers is treated and used in areas such as toilet reservoirs, general cleaning works and garden irrigation.


Completion of the work at the targeted time without compromising the quality and technique of the work and delivery of all systems in a complete and trouble-free condition are among the standards of Egemen Engineering. Our main goal is to carry out all the necessary adaptation and regulation studies until the targeted conditions for all commissioned systems are met, and accordingly, to ensure employer satisfaction.

Application Stages:

  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Analysis and evaluation of projects and quantity studies for purchasing
  • Preparation of work program
  • Analysis of workforce needs
  • Establishment of construction site management, control and inspection mechanisms
  • Commissioning of systems (testing and settings, training services and preparation of instructions, As built projects)


It provides all the support needed in the fields of project, application and improvement in the mechanical installation sector as a third party.

In the consultancy phase;

  • Exploration and quantity controls,
  • Material selection,
  • Detailed cost analysis,
  • Preparing and presenting work programs,
  • Control and compliance of projects in line with the specifications,
  • Technical control and occupational safety control in the field during the application,
  • Preparation, control and approval of progress payments,
  • Final account preparation, control and approval are provided.